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Kyzen將在NEPCON Thailand 2007上展出CYBERSOLV? C8622
來源: emasia-china.com作者: Kenny Fu時間:2019-11-27 14:27:44點擊:2414

Kyzen宣布將在于2007年6月21至24日在曼谷舉辦的NEPCON Thailand上展出其CYBERSOLVreg; C8622。

CYBERSOLVreg; C8622 is a full strength solvent blend specifically designed as an IPA alternative in stencil wiping and manual bench top cleaning applications. C8622 removes solder pastes, spray fluxes and many adhesives used in electronics assembly.

Safe and easy to use, C8622 is applied as received in applications where IPA is typically used. The material has proven compatible with all materials commonly used in electronics assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes. It features an operating concentration of 100 percent, an ambient optimum temperature, does not require a rinse and can air dry. CYBERSOLVreg;

C8622 is a biodegradable solvent solution and contains no CFCs. Due to the high flash point of C8622 (144deg;F) compared to IPA (55deg;F), it is a safe and effective replacement. Additionally, the material is non-flammable and non-corrosive, and is for use only in systems designed to operate flammable liquids. Packaged in polyethylene containers, CYBERSOLVreg; C8622, with the seal unbroken, has a suggested shelf life of five years from date of manufacture in containers of five gallons or more.

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